Great value rubbish removal happening on LoveJunk every day!

Great value mattress removal happening on LoveJunk every day!

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Mattress removal

Here are recently completed mattress removal jobs via LoveJunk. Click on a listing to view all of the photos or video of the mattress, along with a full description, collection time window and postcode area. A green heart means that the mattress was 100% recycled or reused. Mattress removal prices vary according to size of mattress, pickup window (more flexible the window, the better the price), and condition of mattress. Unstained, relatively new mattresses will most likely be collected for reuse, and therefore will be cheap to have removed. But older and/or stained mattresses are expensive because disposal facilities charge a premium to process mattresses. How long it took for the customer to get matched to a collector is shown in the bottom left hand corner of the listing. Match times for mattress removals are some of the slowest on the LoveJunk market because people often do not realise the high disposal costs involved. A green heart shown on a listing means that the mattress was either reused or delivered to a disposal facility that achieves 100% landsfill diversion. For more background, check out our guide to mattress disposal.