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Rubbish removal prices gallery

The gallery above shows rubbish removal prices charged for waste collections undertaken by 100s of different licensed waste collectors and reusers all over the UK. You can choose whether you want to see the prices with or without VAT by adjusting the VAT button. The time shown in minutes or hours is the length of time it took for the customer to choose a collector from when they initially posted their rubbish on LoveJunk. Some listings are very quick because the customer received a great offer quickly. Longer times normally occur because the customer wanted to wait to make sure they got the absolute lowest rubbish removal price. You can tap a listing to view more details of the job. This includes the type and size of waste, the collection date and the agreed arrival window. The listing also shows the region, the type of property it was collected from, postcode area and additional photos of the collection. ‘Collection done’ means the collection has been completed. ‘Collection underway‘ means the collection time and price has been agreed but the removal has still to occur.

Categories of rubbish

Click any of the filters above the gallery to see rubbish removal prices for similar types of rubbish. For example, garden waste, fridges, carpets, or sofas. These filters are great if you know what sort of waste you need removing and want more detailed insight into how much your collection will cost. However, bear in mind that each job is slightly different and, in addition to waste type, there are many other factors that affect the final price. See below for more detail on this.

7 key factors impacting Rubbish Removal Prices

The main factors that affect how much you pay for a rubbish removal are as follows:

  1. Size of Load - larger loads increase price
  2. Weight - heavier loads increase price
  3. Fridge or Mattress - cost more to dispose of
  4. Sofa & upholstered items - POPs items increases price
  5. Reuse, Resale & Valuable junk - reduce price (but only if it's true!!)
  6. Time slots/ pickup day - narrow, out of hours & urgent time slots cost more
  7. Access & loading time - awkward access and longer loading costs more

1) Size of load

The more waste you have, the more you pay for your rubbish removal. This is because larger loads take longer to load (and therefore incur more labour cost) and cost the collector more to dispose of. Note that unlike householders, waste collection businesses must pay to dispose of the waste - so more waste means more disposal cost.

Top tip: including in your job notes that the junk can be lifted by one person will help drive the price down. Some collectors only operate as one-man teams, so ‘solo lift jobs’ can be done by a wider pool of collectors. This increases supply and therefore lowers rubbish removal prices.

2) Weight

Disposal sites charge collectors by the weight of rubbish, not the volume. So, you should expect to pay more if your rubbish removal has lots of heavy and dense materials (eg. soil, bricks, logs, concrete, gravel). On the other hand, if your waste is very light (e.g. cardboard, polystyrene, branches or dry leaves) then it will be cheaper to dispose of, so the cost of removal will also be cheaper.

3) Fridge or Mattress

Fridges and mattresses (unless they can be reused) cost more to dispose of than other waste. This is because they have to be recycled in a certain way. So, collectors require a premium to collect them to cover that extra cost of disposal. As a rough guide, you should expect £20 - £50 to be added to your rubbish removal if it contains a fridge or mattress that cannot be resold.

4) Sofa or Upholstered Furniture

Sofas and other soft furnishings like an upholstered chair or cushions (unless they can be reused) cost more to dispose of than other waste. These items contain POPs (persistent organic pollutants) and there are rules disposal sites have to follow when recycling which costs waste collectors more. As a result, waste collectors require more money to collect them. Broadly speaking, a job which contains a sofa (that cannot be resold) compared to one that doesn't, can cost £20-£70 more.

5) Reuse, Resale & Valuable Junk

If your waste includes material that can be resold, then your collection price will reflect this. For example, a reasonable amount of metal (in particular copper and brass) will have scrap value. So, highlighting this clearly in your listing description and making sure it is clearly visible in your photos, should help reduce removal price. Equally, genuinely reusable items (like a nice, clean and undamaged or stained sofa) should lead to a low or even no price. It's possible to save money by identifying reusable items from your waste. But please bear in mind that just classifying something as 'reusable' does not magically make it valuable or free to collect!

6) Time slot, urgency and day of week

Collection time can significantly impact rubbish removal prices. If you select a flexible time slot (anytime, AM or PM) on a weekday, there should be plenty of collector interest and no premium will be required. But, choose a weekend or Bank holiday and/or narrow timeslot and you will probably have to pay a bit more.

Equally, if you select a time likely to be very popular with other customers (eg. 07:00 - 09:00 on Monday or Saturday morning), prices may be higher because most collectors are already busy and capacity is low.

Unless you get lucky, expect to pay more if you need rubbish removed very quickly (ie. same day). Giving collectors a reasonable amount of notice (e.g. post on Monday and ask for collection on Wednesday) will help reduce your collection price.

7) Access & Loading Time

Easy access and location normally mean lower prices because the job takes less time to load. Difficult locations and access mean more time spent on site which increases a collector’s cost, which in turn means they will normally require a higher price.

Check rubbish removal prices on LoveJunk

All that said, if you have waste to get rid of and want to check rubbish removal prices today, then just create a free listing on LoveJunk marketplace. Local licensed waste collectors (and reusers if your junk can be reused) will start to send quotes in seconds. You compare their rubbish removal prices (reuser collections are free) and customer reviews, in order to choose the best solution for you. If no price is acceptable, just cancel the listing or let it lapse. There is no obligation to choose a collector and you will not be charged.

Why LoveJunk?

We make rubbish removal easy. Saving you time, money and stress. No need to worry about overpaying, using a cowboy fly tipper, or sharing your phone number and email with complete strangers. Before waste carriers can join the LoveJunk platform, we verify their ID and address, that they have a valid waste carrier licence issued by the Environment Agency, and they have public liability insurance that covers them for rubbish removal. We also verify that the disposal sites they use are appropriately licensed and authorised to take commercial waste. You can message collectors and reusers securely (without sharing your personal contact details) via the LoveJunk messaging system. Payment is online after pickup and only once you confirm you are 100% happy with the job. We email your receipt directly to your inbox. We also send you detailed documentation about your collection, where it was disposed of, who collected it, and how much was recycled or reused.

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